Friday, October 21, 2011

Galaxy Nexus video shows Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)?

Google Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus / Nexus Prime smartphone we’ve been seeing leak everywhere is back, that time with a 90-second video tour of what purports to get Android 4.0. We know fine that Samsung promises to give to us a “Google episode” of its Unpacked show at CTIA on October 11th, gonna introduce the subsequent main Googlephone, and what we’re seeing here is that very device running that very OS. Jump after dark break to view what’s new.

The immediately apparent changes, when moving on a Gingerbread phone to this supposed Icecream Sandwich device, is the promised replacing of physical (or capacitive) Android keys with three onscreen buttons along the bottom, that happen to be placed beneath four launcher icons and a url to your apps menu. There are many new animations and visual effects applied, plus widget placement on homescreens looks to get nigh comparable to the way it’s worn out Honeycomb. A subtle, ultra-thin line indicates where you are associated with the five homescreens plus the lock screen offers a new unlock-to-camera option. We’ve got a few screenshots from the phone following the break and you’ll find more within the Mobilissimo link below.

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