Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tips to Root HTC Sensation Android 2.3 Gingerbread Smartphone

HTC Sensation Android 2.3

We know that HTC has released the newest smartphone HTC Sensation, which comes in this marketplace today. Right since its announcement, release and subsequent purchases, users have been very needing to root the unit; one due to advantages of rooting, which have been over and over again iterated, another because of the rage against HTC for the anti-rooting campaign. If HTC is brilliant enough to include something called HTC Sync that can forbid rooting, at any expense, our developers are much more developed they uninstall the HTC Sync software and proceed with your rooting. Not strange HTC is mad!

We all know that HTC Sensation relies on a Gingerbread version of Android, or v2.3. The only glitch in rooting this tool and the main difference between rooting the Sensation and other Gingerbread phones is the HTC Sync needs to be temporarily removed the instructions for uninstalling the HTC Sync is found on the internet and can be done simply using any application installer software, that is included by default in all phones or by downloading any software manager software and installing its apk file.

  1. First download the Gingerbreak.apk file.
  2. Extract the zip file and save on your computers desktop. This is a precursor for transferring it to your phone.
  3. Connect the phone to your computer.
  4. Mount SD card as flash drive as you generally do for USB cable file transfers.
  5. Copy the downloaded Gingerbread apk file to SD card root.
  6. You should have any File Manager (e.g., Astro File Manager) on your phone. If not, download from Market. These are generally free apps.
  7. Disconnect your phone from computer and launch File Manager. You will find in the menu of the phone.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions on File Manager to install APK to your phone from SD card root. You may also use the default application installer software to do this.
  9. After installation completes, open the APK.
  10. Press 'root' button. Simple, isn’t it?
  11. The APK exploit will run for some time. Usually it runs for around 10 minutes. Your phone will be rebooted. In case it takes more than ten minutes for auto reboot, please reboot it yourself. Not to panic, this happens a lot of times.
  12. Your device is now rooted. Congrats!
  13. Make sure that SuperUser app is installed and is running. This is very important for you to enjoy the benefits of rooting.

In order to test if you are phone has been successfully rooted, just click a screenshot of your phone. That should show that the phone have been rooted.

Disclaimer: The users should keep to the above guidelines at their unique risk. We will not cause any loss anyways.

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